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Junior Tennis Academy

Academy Registration Fee: $49/year due in September

This fee is in place to reserve your spot in the Thrive Tennis Academy. As part of the Academy

program you will receive the following:

  • Individual Coach/Parent/Player meetings in Sept./Oct. and April/May
  • A detailed and personal tournament schedule
  • A Complete player Evaluation
  • THRIVE T-shirt
  • THRIVE Water bottle


Players in this group are generally top varsity high school players or younger players ranked inside the top 75 in the USTA/MV standings. All players are expected to compete in the 4 Iowa District Championships as well as the 5 Iowa Futures Qualifiers as well as MV Futures and Supers when qualified.


Players in this group are generally between the ages of 11 & 18 and are lower level varsity or JV high school players or youngers players ranked inside the top 200 USTA/MV Standings. All players are expected to compete in a minimum of 5 local Iowa District tournaments in a year.


Players in this group are between the ages of 9-12 and will be using a combination of green dot balls and yellow tennis balls. Players in this group are expected to participate in several local 10 & under green dot tournaments or 12 & under local Iowa District tournaments.


Players in this group are between the ages of 7-10 and will be using a combination of orange & green dot balls. Players in this group are expected to participate in several local 10 & under Orange dot Smashers tournaments. Your placement must be verified by our coaching staff if you are new to the program and you must be a member of ASPEN to participate in Academy Programs. A Junior Membership is only 22.95/month and is required for participation in our Academy programs. Email with any questions.

Team Tournament Travel & Coaching

A very important part of our program will be traveling with players to tournaments and coaching them before, during and after matches. At local tournaments at the club and in the area every player in our Academy will be charged a $25 coaching fee that will go towards paying your coaches for their time. Team Travel events where our players will travel with coaches to out of town events will be charged a $50/day coaching fee and all players will split expenses evenly.

Junior Development Pathway

WHAT is the Junior Development Pathway (JDP)?

The JDP is the best way to get started as a tennis player and continue to improve your tennis skills in a less intense environment than the Academy programs. Our coaches will focus on basic swing technique and strategy in a game based fun atmosphere. As a players skills progress we will move them along the pathway – Red, Orange, Green, Yellow and then into the Thrive Tennis Academy.


Academy Programs or Junior Development Pathway?

The Thrive Academy programs are for those who are ready to take the next step in their game and train in a more intense and serious atmosphere. Most players should start in our Junior Development Pathway (JDP) where you will get a basic understanding of correct technique and learn the basics of strategy. Our coaches will then let you know when it is time to move up.

HOW do the program fees work?

All program tuition fees are set up as monthly sessions and you can choose the number of clinics that you would like to purchase for that month. All clinics purchased will expire at the end of the month. You will notice the more time you are able to commit to the program the better pricing you will receive and the better results you will see on court.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact Ryan Roeth, Tennis Director, with any questions about the program or player placement via email at or 515-778-2348.