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Aspen Athletic Clubs is Iowa’s fastest growing fitness organization and health club.

It is easy to see why Aspen consistently is voted the Best in Des Moines, with six convenient metro locations and a seventh in Cedar Rapids.

Des Moines Corporate Wellness

“Fit Employees Means Healthy Profits”

Keeping your work force active in a regular fitness program is one of the healthiest executive decisions you can make. The main benefits to employees and employers include: Increased Productivity, Improved Morale, Reduced Stress, and Decreased Health Care Costs; and Reduced Employee Turn Over – all of which lead to dramatic, positive return on your investment in the company’s fitness program.

Increased Productivity
Active employees are more productive and enthusiastic in their jobs.  Studies have proven that they have more energy, make better decisions, and use their time better.

–Purdue University tested 80 people over a nine month period and found that the exercisers improved their decision making results by 70% and NASA discovered that their regular exercisers had improved stamina, increased overall work performance and enhanced concentration.

Improve Morale, Reduce Stress & Decrease Health Care Costs
Healthier employees have proven to make happier employees.  Regular exercise in your work force will automatically add a social atmosphere and improve overall morale.  Energized employees promote positivism, show less absenteeism and are proven to have reduced anxiety, tension and stress.

–Pepsi-Co found its corporate fitness program had a 300% return on investment, due mainly to decrease in health care costs.  Their fitness program dealt with the needs of a healthier lifestyle before having to deal with the consequences of an unhealthy work force. 

Get The Best Staff & Reduce Employee Turnover
More and more of the best job candidates are asking about their prospective company’s proactive health care benefits. Fitness is the number one concern of the most progressive career shoppers as they balance the value of one company over another.

Texaco found that those who participated in its corporate fitness program were 13% less likely to leave than other employees.
—Corporate Statistics

Bank of America realized an annual return of $6.00 for every $1.00 spent on its health promotion program.
 –American Journal of Health Promotion, 1993

Health club membership is the benefit most job seekers want from their next employer.  It outpaced all other benefits including flextime, use of company car, tuition reimbursement, childcare, cell phones, and laptop computers.
–International Search Firm, Lee Hecht Harrison

The Travelers Insurance company claims that it receives a $3.40 return on every dollar it invests in health promotions, which yield $146 million in total corporate savings per year.
–Journal of Occupational Medicine, December 1992

General Motors found that employees in their physical fitness program had a 50% reduction in job grievances, a 50% reduction in on-the-job accidents, and a 40% reduction in lost time.
–Commercial Magazine, October 1998

General Electric found that employees who exercised were absent from work 45% less days than employees who did not exercise.
–Business & Health, Nancy Coe Bailey, November 1990

For more information on Aspen Athletic Club’s Corporate Wellness Programs and its benefits contact:

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Vice President of Sales/Fitness