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Group Personal Training

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Small Group Personal Training

Aspen Athletic Clubs has Small Group Personal Training programs for all levels. Our Fitness Extreme program is great for our serious athletes, while our Fit Body Experience program is great for all levels of fitness.

Team Training

Decrease Overall Body Fat

Increase Strength & Cardio

Tone Your Stomach, Arms, and Legs

Lose Inches on Your Hips, Thighs, and Stomach

What is Group Personal Training?

Group Personal Training is an effective way to increase your results, have a coach make your programs and correct form, meet new people in a high energy environment, and makes having a personal trainer affordable for everyone!

Groups have a trainer who demonstrates and teaches the exercises to the members of the class. When someone is struggling with their form our expert trainers work individually with them to make correct their form before it could lead to an injury. The trainer is there to ensure every movement you do and every weight you use is correct for your personalized plan.

How is Group Personal Training different from typical group classes?

Most group classes focus on aerobic and cardiovascular exercise which primarily burn calories during the workout. In Group Personal Training, we utilize strength training, core training, and cardiovascular training to ensure we build muscle, core strength, decrease body fat, and increase overall cardiovascular health. The exercises we do use kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX, barbells, sprint sleds, and more. In Group Personal Training you will experience new workouts and exercises made by our certified trainers so you will never get bored and your body will keep be forced to adapt and become stronger!

Who is Group Personal Training for?

If you want to start seeing results, have less risk of injury, and a be part of high energy team culture that will keep you motivated throughout the workout, then Group Personal Training is for you. Each workout is individualized and specifically designed to accommodate and challenge every member. Whether you are new to working out or have been for years, our certified trainers will match your fitness level with the right exercise and weight to maximize your results.  

How many people are in a Group Personal Training session?

We find that the most effective Team Training sessions have 5-15 people in them. The amount of energy and teamwork in these larger groups leads to better results. In addition to your trainer, you will also have a “Support Team” to help you push through hard workouts, energize you when you’re tired, and keep you accountable so you don’t fall off the wagon!

How much is this going to cost?

  • 2 Days/Week: $79/Month
  • 3 Days/Week: $89/Month
  • 4 Days/Week: $99/Month

Are you ready to work with expert trainers, become part of a high energy Team, and see better results?

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