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Reach Your Full Potential

The Aspen Run Club is diverse group of runners that have a desire to reach their full potential by becoming a healthier and happier (faster) runner.

What does the Aspen Run Club offer?

    • Encouragement and Accountability
    • Custom Training Plan
    • Run Community to share your highs and lows
    • Injury Prevention Plan (trusted treatment resources)
    • Nutrition Coaching
    • Runner Specific Strength Training Program
    • Shoe Selection Process (non-biased & science based)  
    • Running Form Analysis
    • Race Strategy Prep  
    • 3x a week coached group training sessions

Who is this for?


Why should I pay for run coaching?

Running is free, right? Running is the most basic form of exercise; how hard can it be? I can find a training program on the internet for free, so why should I pay for one?

Every runner brings a unique set up circumstances, abilities, and goals with them.  Most pre-made training plans fail to maximize results or accomplish their intended goals since there is much more to running than just logging in the miles.  The Aspen Run Club will meet you where you are at and find a plan that matches your unique lifestyle and goals.

In my experience, many runners lead busy and hectic lives and don’t have the time to research the best training programs, plan speed workouts, understand proper running nutrition.  Most runners also get injured more than they should and have no clue how to run with proper form or select shoes that meets their needs. These observations are across all ability levels. The purpose of the Aspen Run Club is to take away all the questions and concerns and just train with the time and ability we have.

Who is coaching?

Jack Johnson– NASM Certified Personal Trainer, M.S. Iowa State University– Running Specialist at Aspen Athletic Clubs
Jack Johnson is a lifelong athlete and student of endurance performance. Jack has worked at Aspen Athletic Clubs for the last 11 years as a general manager and personal trainer.  He developed his scientific approach to running while acquiring a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Iowa State University in 2006. His now wife Jamie introduced him to competitive running in 2008. Jack ran his first race in 2009 at the Dam to Dam (20K) and completed his first marathon 4 months later in the New York City Marathon with a time of 3hrs 57mins. Jack continues to improve his race times each year at every distance by implementing scientific principles and advice of top running coaches into his training. Jack’s most recent marathon last June was 2hrs, 47mins.

Jack has completed 11 marathons around the world along with qualifying and running the Boston Marathon three years (2012-2014). Jack is also a five-time volunteer pacer for the Drake Relay Half Marathon (fastest) 1hr, 30min pace group. Jack’s passion is helping others lead a balanced lifestyle to reach their running goals in a fun atmosphere.

Personal Records-  4:44-Mile, 16:33-5K, 34:44-10K, 1:18:08 Half Marathon, 2:47:35    Marathon (All accomplished in the last year at age 36.)

Contact Info: or 515-278-2582

How much does it cost?

The cost of the coaching and program ranges from $69/month to $119/month depending on the accountably and coaching access you would like to have.         *Limited spots available.  

Can I try Aspen Run Club out before I commit?

Yes! Aspen Run Club is offering a free run assessment and week of group training to get a feel for what the group coaching is like and if this would be a good fit for each individual person. *Free week limited to first 20 runners interested.

For more information and schedule run assessment sign up here.

Run Club

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**The original Aspen Run Club was created in the spring of 2015 as The Complete Runner 10-week training program to help runners prepare for a single event.  Following the first training program, it was realized runners need consistent coaching year-round to reach their full potential.  The current training group has accomplished many goals they never thought were possible.


“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, and little coaching, and great things can happen. “   – Pete Carroll

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